Kids' Bath

Textures, shapes, patterns and pops of color for the boys' bathroom! And lets face it, this Kohler "Brockway" cast iron double sink was my focal point. I also loved mixing a matte tile with a glossy. The black matte floor hexagon tile is a stark contrast, not only in color, but also in shape and finish, to the glossy white subway tile. Since the sink was a "splurge" on the budget, I saved money by finding the white subway tile at Lowe's. For pops of color, I chose yellow bird cage pendant lights with black + white rope, and took an Ikea frame and spray painted the matte and frame yellow! Shower curtain from Deny Designs, towels from Target, colored wall bath toys by Boon, touchless toilet also by Kohler, and black matte hex tile from the Tile Shop!