Indiana Design Center - Ferguson Showroom

Some women get lost in a daydream in their favorite shoe store. I, on the other hand, felt like I was walking in the clouds when I stepped into the Carmel Ferguson Showroom at the Indiana Design Center! It’s filled with the prettiest and shiniest bath and kitchen hardware, the coolest and funkiest pendant lighting, and top-of-the-line kitchen appliances. I’m honored that the Indiana Design Center has invited me to frequent their building, and photograph anything that catches my eye. What I quickly realized, was that I’m gonna need a LOT more time there. Everywhere I turned, I found myself picking up my jaw. So many rad things that I’m happy to share here. I am already looking forward to my next visit!! Take a look at a handful of my favorite things at the Ferguson Showroom!

As you can imagine, THIS was the first thing that caught my eye! This glossy red lacquer refrigerator freezer by Thermadore was a definite show-stopper (shown above). I also love this display of Wolf ovens (below).

Can you believe this Wolf built-in coffee system? (below, right). It can brew two roasts at a time, it can handle whole bean or ground coffee, you can control the strength from extra-mild to extra-strong, and its durable and intuitive design makes for manageable cleaning.

"Less is more" is almost ALWAYS my motto when it comes to design. Especially when referring to lighting. I love a big, bold statement pendant, and here are just a few that I happen to love.

I have a strong appreciation for clean lines when it comes to bath and kitchen fixtures. A few of the brands that I gravitate towards are Delta, Brizo and Dorn Bracht because, well, just LOOK at their beautiful products below!

If you have not visited the Carmel Ferguson Showroom at the Indiana Design Center, I highly recommend you plan a little field trip. Your eyes will appreciate it, and you'll leave inspired! They have two floors worth of products to browse, and I happen to love their new staircase, built with steel cable railings and concrete steps. This place is oozing with style!