Mid-Century Modern Dining

You can’t talk about mid-century modern design without using the name Saarinen. His brilliant designs were not only popular in the 50s, but still play a huge part in modern home furnishings today. The way I personally like to define “good design” is with the word “timeless.” If you had told me that I’d be purchasing a dining table for my new home, that was popular when my grandparents were furnishing their own homes back in the day, I would’ve laughed. But with great designers, there are great exceptions. His vision for the tulip pedestal collection, was to resolve the “ugly, confusing, unrestful world” underneath tables and chairs. Ever get annoyed that you can’t pull your chair in because your legs are hitting the legs of the table underneath? Yeah, this guy = brilliant. While I completely respect and admire an authentic Saarinen Table, I unfortunately cannot afford the price tag. We found this beautiful replica with a marble top, at @roveconcepts . White glossy cabinets @ikeausa, terrarium @westelmindy.