Form + Function = This Kitchen

Meaningful and purposeful design is the kind of thing that I get geeked-out about! So often, we are only exposed to a particular architectural style. Organizations like homeowner associations like to limit the extremes and land somewhere in the middle, because that’s what the unspoken “common ground” is amongst neighborhoods. Is it always the smartest choice? No. Is it always the most efficient choice? No. But is it the safest choice? Almost always. Well I like to push the envelope, and settle on “purposeful design.” My definition of “purposeful design” is most certainly different than my neighbor’s, and that’s why we should all have homes that fit our form and our function. While I’d love to take credit, I have to pay it to our architect, @jason.s.wolfe at @demerlyarchitects who purposefully designed our home, not only around the way we live, but also around the environment that our house would sit. People always ask if I’m weirded out by the fact that our windows aren’t covered. My answer is always “no,” because it was designed and positioned in a purposeful way, so that nature and trees provided our privacy. And although there are neighbors’ homes outside of these windows, I can’t see them! I love this article written by Dwell Magazine’s editor, that touches on all of these topics: