Monogram Appliances Feature #2 on Mod Abode

I am absolutely thrilled that Monogram has posted part 2 of their blog feature on me and Mod Abode! As I mentioned in the previous blog post, Monogram discovered me on Instagram after I tagged them in a photo of my kitchen, as I was raving about their Advantium Wall Oven. It is my favorite appliance, and I use it on a daily basis for just about everything! If you are planning a new kitchen, or a kitchen remodel, it's a definite must-have. 

With this feature on their blog, Save Room for Design, they were curious to find out more about our home build process. I believe they were surprised to find out that we were the general contractors! Here are just a few photos of our new home, and of course, I'll start off with my favorite room in the house--the kitchen! A huge thank you to Monogram for the flattering two-part feature!