Dwell on Design 2017 - Favorite Trends

I have wanted to attend Dwell on Design for quite some time, and this year I made it happen! It truly has been a dream to travel from Indianapolis to L.A. and experience all of these amazing brands that I read about in Dwell Magazine. It's hard to put into words what the experience meant to me, but one thing is for sure--I was surrounded by incredibly design-savvy, smart and intelligent people. All of the brands and products that were a part of the trade show, were there because of their forward-thinking and industry-leading status in their respective industries. Everyone that I met and spoke with, have products with functional uses, but literally are pieces of art on their own, found in places like the Museum of Modern Art! I have way too many brands that I want to feature here, but please take your time, and browse through just some of my favorite trends that I had the pleasure of learning about at DODLA.

1) I am extremely grateful for the opportunity that was given to me by Marvin Windows and Doors, as they asked me to photograph for them throughout the duration of the event! They've always been a brand that I've admired in the pages of Dwell Magazine, and with the courage to send out one email, I'm humbled that they found Mod Abode interesting and in-line with the direction of their brand. Marvin's new interior black windows were a huge hit at the show!

2) Method Homes has been an absolute favorite brand of mine to follow, not only in Dwell Magazine, but on social media. Call me a geek, but I get so excited when I see Method post photos or a video of a new install. I'm just blown away by their home designs, the fact that they literally ship homes anywhere in the world, knowing that their process is 100% quality controlled every step of the way. Their product is so well done that they are eligible for LEED and all other environmental certifications. At the show, I actually got to tour a home that they just completed, and are currently transporting to it's final location in Sonoma, CA. 

3) Axiom is Dwell's prefab line designed by Turkel Design. Incredible is the first word that comes to mind. It is smart, beautiful, and modern architecture at its finest. I absolutely love the mid-century modern design elements of the homes, as well as the huge expanses of glass. These homes feature bold design, resource conservation, and energy efficiency. Each design can be customized to match your land, climate, and mode of living, while the panelized system of construction assures a predictable building process. I could literally look at their home designs for hours.

Image courtesy of turkeldesign.com

Image courtesy of turkeldesign.com

Image courtesy of turkeldesign.com

Image courtesy of turkeldesign.com

4) Happier Camper just oozes style. It's modern-retro exterior immediately caught my eye. What an awesome little trailer, and I might mention, SMART, too! It has a flexible and adaptive modular interior system to meet your travel and hauling needs. This is one of those products that I had NO idea I needed, but now MUST HAVE! Ha! 

5) Magisso is a line of products that initially caught my eye because of their pretty appearance. However, after speaking with the creative director, Anssi Hurme, in their booth, I grew an enormous amount of respect for the product line. It not only is showcased in the Museum of Modern Art for it's beauty, but let me tell you a little bit about what the line of "cooling ceramics" does. If you submerge the product in water (at any temperature, warm or cold), it begins the cooling effect. Literally, the product then turns cold for hours, making everything that you serve fresh and cool at the table. No mess, and no sweating. I love this stuff!

There are just so many more brands I fell in love with, and I will post a lot more photos below. The brands featured include:


Aaron Scott Design



Secto Design